YOUNG MEN 2018 Basketball

Jan 20th
12:00 Deer Mountain vs 2nd (priests)
1:00 Sage/11th vs 3rd (priests)
2:00 4th vs 6th (teachers)
3:00 6th vs 7th (teachers)

Jan 27th
12:00 3rd vs 2nd (priests)
1:00 7th vs Deer Mountain (priests)
2:00 4th vs 7th (teachers)
3:00 7th vs 6th (teachers)
4:00 6th vs Sage/11th (priests)

Feb 3rd
1:00 7th vs 2nd (priests)
2:00 Deer Mountain vs Sage/11th (priests)
3:00 6th vs 3rd (priests)
4:00 4th vs 7th (teachers)
5:00 6th vs 4th (teachers)

Feb 17th
12:00 Sage/11th vs 7th (priests)
1:00 Deer Mountain vs 3rd (priests)
2:00 6th vs 4th (teachers)
3:00 7th vs 6th (teachers)

Feb 24th
12:00 Sage/11th vs Deer Mountain (priests)
1:00 3rd vs 7th (priests)
2:00 7th vs 4th (teachers)
3:00 6th vs 7th (teachers)

Feb 10 Deacon Tournament
12:00 Sage vs 4th/12th
1:00 Deer Mountain vs 2nd
2:00 G1 winner vs 3rd/7th
All other games will be based on outcome. Schedule will be at the Stake Center.

Young Men's Athletic Director Tim Kevern 3rd Ward 801.815.1924
Young Men's Assistant Athletic Director Rob Mulford 3rd Ward 385.227.3955
Young Men's Assistant Athletic Director Brad Laws 11th Ward 801.367.7976
Young Men's Officials Coordinator Mike Allred 3rd Ward 801.230.9849